Hop on Pop

I may have started a dangerous game. I taught my 3 year old daughter ‘hop on pop’. Basically I just lie prone or curl up in a ball and she ‘wrestles’ me, squealing, “Here comes trouble!” Naturally now my 18 month old joins in, even though he can’t say ‘hop on pop’ yet. It’s becoming a problem because I’ll ask my daughter, “OK Sisa, are you ready for nap time?”

She’ll respond, “Only if I can hop on pop”. Pro-parenting tip, letting your toddler hop on pop before going to bed actually prevents them from going to bed and gets them all wound up.

Before she goes to sleep my wife and I always ask Sisa what she wants to dream about. She’ll often respond with an activity or a favorite character like Moana. For the past two days she’s responded with a giggle, “I want to dream about hopping on pop.”

Posted on July 14, 2019 .