Dave Holman lives in Maine with his wife Rommy, cat Patas and three dwarf goats: Aurora, Canela, and Silly Willy. Dave attended Carleton College in Minnesoohta and holds an MBA from The University of Maine. He has written for Renewing the Countryside, The Free Press, and served as the Outreach and Communications Coordinator for Safe Passage from 2011-2014. From 2014-2019 he was the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Bowdoin College. He is now a full time writer, real estate entrepreneur and broker.


After crisscrossing America to meet with, photograph and write about rural innovators in over 30 states, Dave co-authored Youth Renewing the Countryside in 2009. In 2011, he collaborated with a graphic designer to publish high definition maps of Bolivia and of the city of La Paz, Bolivia. 

He has a couple of irons in the fire: a book of short stories from his years in Bolivia and also a book about ultra-running. OK, no more clues unless you subscribe to the emailing list, that's where the latest insider info goes. Stay tuned.