Site, Page and List

This is an exciting time for me because I'm transitioning from what you could call strenuous editing to light editing and marketing. My designer Katie Murphy of Univoice History has been working very hard on formatting the manuscript. I print these formatted chapters out and give her brief comments about spacing and formatting.

I finished the new website on Squarespace, replacing the old Wordpress site.

Now points to this site as well. This will be the "home base" for most of my content in the future. I'll keep adding content and depth to this site, but it's a start.

I also finished a new Facebook page to solve a dilemma. I have always maintained the policy that I will not become Facebook friends with someone who I'm not actually friends with or at least had positive interactions with. Readers want to be able to follow authors online, so I've created a Facebook Page (instead of a personal profile) where I hope you'll follow me for the latest news and updates.

Finally, as you probably know, I have started two MailChimp email lists. Once I've distributed the Kickstarter rewards, I will stop communicating through Kickstarter and rely entirely on my blog, mailing list, and social media. Please sign up now to stay tuned!

Posted on October 28, 2014 .