Messi moves in, he shoots, we reached our GOOOOOOALLLLLL


Thank you! Today, Coffee Smuggler is at 106% of our goal with $3280 raised! You 64 backers have made this happen, you are publishing Coffee Smuggler, so THANK YOU! Support coming from friends, friends of friends, owners of coffee companies, and total strangers has lit a fire under me and I'm pumped to push ahead to publication!


I particularly want to thank Nobletree Coffee, Coffee by Design, and Bernhardt Coffee. Months ago, Mary Allen Lindemann, co-owner of Coffee by Design offered to host my Maine launch party in November. This gave me motivation to push forward fast. John Moore and Matthew Swenson have not only invited me to do a launch at the Nobletree Roastery opening Brooklyn, but they have a blend called Le Dromedaire and they put up $525 towards the Kickstarter campaign! Bernard La Borie is launching Bernhardt Coffee on the West Coast and plans to sell Coffee Smuggler books on their website. Thanks to these modern Coffee Smugglers!


I wasn't sure this Kickstarter campaign would work and here we are, over goal with 11 days left!  The budget for hiring professionals to design, format, and print the initial run has been met! Should we stop here and call it a day? Nope! Please keep spreading the word about Coffee Smuggler and the great rewards people can lock in by joining the Kickstarter campaign. Here's what I plan to do with more support:

  • Upgrade my membership in the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance to a Promotional Membership ($70 more needed)
  • Order cool bookmarks to give out ($100)
  • Double the initial paperback run to 250 books ($650)
  • Expand the hardcover run to 100 instead of 30 ($1100)
  • Pay a Wordpress designer to make my website and the book website totally awesome and sparkling ($2000-$4000)

Thank you!

-Dave Holman

Posted on September 24, 2014 .