Blog's Away!

Blogging in Madison

Today I found an hour to sit down in Bradley's coffee shop in Madison Wisconsin to move forward on some important pre-publication item. I listened to a great podcast on the way here called Author Biz that reminded me about the important the importance of establishing a mailing list. So presto, with a delicious decafe espresso in hand I've banged out both a mailchimp email list and a new blog. Correction, this is actually an old blog I started in 2008 but am now returning to, revitalizing and re-purposing. Right now I'm in a tricky balance between pouring energy into final edits of my manuscript, beginning the self-publishing process of cover design, manuscript formatting etc and increasing the marketing efforts that will help Coffee Smuggler see the light of day. It's at once very fun to have all the controls in my hands and scary.


Whenever I spent time away from the manuscript I begin doubting myself. I wonder if anyone will like it. When I dive back into editing and remind myself what I've got, that confidence returns. Part of why I'm writing a blog is to connect with readers for the dialogue, encouragement and feedback that keep me energized to dig deeper into the work that will finish this project. So thank for being there, for your words and for helping me on this journey. See me waving...?

Posted on August 15, 2014 .